3 Amazing Reasons Why You Need a YETI Cooler Today

Are you interested in buying a YETI cooler for your next adventure? Are you wondering if a YETI cooler is worth the cost? Today, this cooler is considered the “cooler of choice” among outdoor enthusiasts, and Mid State Pools is proud to sell them at the store!

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YETI coolers have been taking America by storm since 2006. Eleven years ago, the Seiders brothers invented a cooler that would hold ice longer and last longer than other name brand coolers. They didn’t want another outdoor enthusiast to be on an adventure with a broken, useless cooler.

So, the YETI cooler was born! The brothers wanted to make sure their products were durable, affordable, and sealable.

Discover the details:

YETI Coolers Are Durable

On most products, seams are the weakest part. However, thanks to YETI’s manufacturing process, a YETI cooler is completely seamless. That means there are no weak spots on the cooler. The YETI can endure serious weight or falls from certain heights, all while keeping your drinks ice cold.

YETI Coolers Are Affordable

Because of how long this product will last (and how long it will keep your ice), the YETI cooler is worth every penny. Are you interested in a soft-sided cooler instead of the more traditional hard-sided cooler? Check out this YETI cooler! For only $299, you’ll have ice for days.

YETI Coolers Are Sealable

Not being able to properly close and seal your cooler is extremely frustrating. Without a proper seal, your supposed-to-be-cold cooler is just another heavy box with a lid that you have to lug around. However, when you close a YETI cooler, it seals shut. This makes sure that no warm air can enter your cooler once closed.

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