3 Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Ready All Summer

Maintaining a clean and healthy pool is key to enjoying a fun summer season with friends and family. As a pool owner, regular pool maintenance should be a consistent part of your life. Similar to your own body, if you put in the effort to maintain your pool’s health, your hard work will pay off in the long run and can reduce costly repairs due to neglect. Check out these three pool maintenance tips to keep your pool ready all summer long.

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Tip #1: Start a Skimming Habit

If you aren’t already, regularly skim your pool to clean out floating and submerged debris like leaves, grass clippings, and insects. Whether it’s daily or weekly, it needs to be a regular part of your pool maintenance routine. Skimming benefits the overall health of your pool and can save your filter some work, extending its operational life and condition. Like sweeping your floor, there is great technology out there to make this job easier! Pool vacuums and robots can do much of this cleaning for you. If you’re looking to upgrade visit our showroom and check out our high-quality pool vacuums and cleaning tools.

Tip #2: Don’t Neglect Your Filter Baskets

It’s easy to forget about your pool filters, but we recommend you check on your filter baskets for debris at least weekly during pool season. Filters are designed to catch and remove anything that doesn’t belong in your pool like branches, bugs, and even stray pool toys. Cleaning your filter baskets won’t just keep your pool clean, but you may find a lost pool toy or two!

Tip #3: Strive for Chemical Consistency

Your pool water should be properly balanced to avoid irritating swimmer’s skin and eyes. An imbalanced pool can also create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. During the summer season, check your pool’s water quality weekly and treat with the proper chemicals as needed. At Mid State Pools & Spas, we offer chemical check kits and all the tools you need to keep your water safe and swimmable.

Our Pool Maintenance Plans

Mid State Pools & Spas offers complete pool maintenance plans to take the worry out of keeping your pool clean and safe for the summer. Our pool maintenance specialists at Mid State Pools serve customers in Macon, Perry, and Warner Robins. Contact us today!