3 Surprising Benefits of an Above Ground Pool

Summer’s here and it’s HOT. We know that you’re searching for relief and we have exactly what you need. Our above ground pools are perfect for immediate relief that will keep the family happy the entire summer (and all year long)!

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There are many benefits of owning an above ground pool such as low cost, easy installation, and incredible features.

Benefit 1: You Save A LOT of Money

Typically, above ground pools are not expensive to purchase. (At Mid State Pools, our above ground pools start at $70/month!) Even better than the low price of the pool? Maintenance fees are extremely small. The chemicals you buy and the amount of water you use won’t be outrageous. You get to save money and enjoy the water!

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for your backyard oasis. Buy an above ground pool today and the entire family will have fun this summer!

Benefit 2: Install Your Pool in No Time

Because your above ground pool is exactly that – above ground – it won’t take weeks or even days to get it set up. You can take home our do-it-yourself kit which includes everything you need:

  • Frame
  • Ladder
  • Liner
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Pump & filter
  • Walls

However, we know that sometimes you just want to relax and not work. (After all, you’re supposed to be enjoying your backyard oasis, not working to set it up!) We are more than happy to provide above ground pool installation for our customers. Let the professional staff at Mid State Pools take care of the whole process for you! Contact us today to get started.

Benefit 3: Enjoy the Same Features as an In-Ground Pool

Just because you have your pool above ground, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same features as an in-ground pool! Above ground pools can sport a diving board, waterfall, water fountains, and more to make your summer that much more fun.

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