3 Tips for Pool Maintenance During Winter

pool maintenance
Labor Day, the day most people close their pools, seems like ages ago. Memorial Day, the day most people open their pools for the summer season, is still four months away. So, what should you do in the meantime? Pool maintenance to keep your pool clean!

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During the fall, winter, and spring seasons, it’s vital to keep your pool clean to ensure a smooth re-opening in the summer. Consider the following steps:

Keep Your Pool Cover Clean

Snowy backyard with white bushes and snow covered swimming pool in late March during an unexpected snowfall in southern Indiana[/caption]It’s extremely important to glance at your pool weekly, if not daily. If you conduct pool maintenance often, you can see if branches or leaves are accumulating on your pool cover. When you see your pool cover with debris on it, you can either blow or hose it off. This ensures no rips or damage will be done to the cover.
Keeping it secure is as important as keeping your pool cover clean. If your cover is not secure, animals may find their way under the cover.

Protect the Pool Water Year-Round

A professional from the National Swimming Pool Foundation, Dr. Tom Lachocki, gives great reason to keep your water protected. He says, “The principles we follow in the summer also apply to the winter. If you can maintain the proper pH and a disinfectant at all times, pool care becomes easier.” In order to ensure an easy opening in just a few months, don’t just “cover and forget” about your pool. Give intentional pool maintenance throughout the fall, winter, and spring season.

Open as Early as Possible

If you open your pool late spring or early summer, the water probably has already warmed and algae may have started growing. When you open your pool during the transition between the cold and warm season and you continue your pool maintenance, your dip in the pool when the weather is perfect will be much easier.

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