3 Tips to Implement While Using a Big Green Egg

Big Green Eggs changed the game for grilling when they made their debut in 1974. For nearly 50 years, millions of Americans have enjoyed creating edible masterpieces on this kamado-style cooker. To create mouth-watering dishes while cooking on a Big Green Egg, we recommend implementing these three tips:

1. Use the Recommended Fuel Source

Lighter fluid and charcoal briquettes contain ingredients that we DON’T recommend while you cook your food. (I’m talking to you nitrates, petroleum by-products, sawdust, and chemicals.) To ensure the best tasting food and an easy clean-up, we recommend using Big Green Egg 100% Natural Lump Charcoal.

If you used lighter fluid in your Big Green Egg, you can burn it off to reduce the odor and eliminate the additives. Simply light your Big Green Egg to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and let the heat burn off the fluid for one hour. Repeat this process at least three times. Do not add food to the Big Green Egg during these cleaning cycles.

2. Take Advantage of the ConvEGGtor Accessory

The convEGGtor accessory allows your Big Green Egg to transform into an outdoor convention oven! Fire-grilled food makes your mouth water, but some recipes need indirect heat. The convEGGtor allows you to do this. If you’re ready for juicy roasts, perfectly baked pizza, or scrumptious holiday ham, add the convEGGtor accessory to your must-have list at Mid State Pools. For recipes that will make tummies full and hearts happy, make sure you purchase the Big Green Egg Cookbook!

3. Regulate Air Flow

The air that flows in and out of the Big Green Egg will control the temperature of your Egg. If your Big Green Egg is having difficulty reaching the desired temperature, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I used enough charcoal? Big Green Egg recommends filling the 100% Natural Lump Charcoal to the top of the firebox.
  • Is my charcoal completely dry? Wet or damp charcoal will not burn as efficiently. Keep your charcoal dry by storing it away from the elements.
  • Are the air holes in the fire box clogged? These air holes regulate temperature within your Big Green Egg. Making sure they are not clogged with ash will help you reach the desired temperature.
  • Is there a problem with my temperature gauge? It’s possible that your temperature gauge is not working properly. If it’s still within the one-year warranty, talk to your Authorized Big Green Egg Dealer about how to fix it or if purchasing a replacement gauge is necessary.

Mid State Pools is a proud, authorized dealer of Big Green Eggs! Visit our store today to purchase yours: 540 S. Houston Lake Road in Warner Robins