4 Best Practices to Extend the Life of Your Pool Liner

More than just an aesthetic element, a swimming pool liner protects the interior of a pool and substantially reduces algae and mold growth. To extend the life of your pool liner, make sure you implement these four practices:

1. Patch Small Tears Right Away

If your pool liner has a small tear in it, you may not have to replace your entire liner altogether. But it is important to patch small tears immediately, as small tears can quickly grow in size which creates bigger problems. Drain your water until the tear is above the water, then follow the instructions on your pool liner patch kit. (Tip – If your water level continues to fall even after filling up your pool, this may be an indicator that a leak is present.)

2. Be Mindful of Your Pool Chemistry

The chemicals that are added into your pool play an important role in the overall health of the water. They eliminate bacteria, destroy algae, and remove other items like dirt. It keeps your swimming pool water pretty and clean! But too many chemicals can cause your pool liner to crack because its soft nature has been compromised.

3. Keep the Swimming Pool Area Free of Sharp Objects

Branches, rocks, and even a dog’s nails are sharp enough to puncture a vinyl pool liner. As often as possible, sweep away nearby objects to avoid them entering your pool and tearing your liner. If possible, don’t let pets swim in the pool or make sure you keep their nails trimmed.

4. Cover Your Pool for Winter

It’s the heat of summer – who’s thinking about winter?! Now might be the time, actually. You can see if you can score a great deal on a solid winter pool cover so you’re prepared for the cold weather. A pool cover keeps sharp objects like falling sticks out of the pool – potentially damaging the liner – and protects the liner from intense UV rays from the sun.

Mid State Pools offers pool liner replacement services!

If your pool liner has seen its final day, give the Mid State Pools team a call to request a new one! Our team can expertly drain your pool, remove and replace your current liner, and have you swimming again in no time. Don’t prolong this important task, as keeping a compromised liner in place can negatively affect your whole pool in the long run.