4 Hot Tub Benefits That Will Surprise You

hot tub benefitsNew studies show incredible hot tub benefits that everyone – young and old – can enjoy. And, through February, we are giving you 10% off your hot tub purchase! Don’t put off relaxation any longer.

Consider these hot tub benefits as you search for the perfect Mid State Pools’ spa:

Relieves Arthritis Pain

Did you know that arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States? Arthritis causes extreme pain in your joints, and can affect how well you perform daily activities. To find relief, combine your relaxing time with hot tub exercises such as rolling your shoulders, rotating your arms, and kicking your legs!

Enhances Skin Health

When you relax in your spa, it will inevitably make you sweat and open up your pores. Your sweat will bring toxins, oil, and dirt to the skin’s surface. Then, due to the hot water and massage-capabilities of the spa, the toxins will be removed gently. If you soak regularly in your spa, you will see a positive change in the appearance of your skin.

Improves Your Sleep

Hot water is an incredible muscle relaxant. If your muscles are tense, soak in the hot tub and allow the hot water to relax your muscles. This will alleviate aches and pains, which will give you a longer and deeper sleep.

Decreases Stress

Stress can take a huge toll on your health. When you stress about an issue, you may experience insomnia, headaches, low energy, sickness, muscle tension, and other negative side effects. If you’re stressed, soak in your Mid State Pools hot tub and allow yourself to relax.

Let the Mid State Pools team provide relaxation to you and your family with a brand new hot tub! To complement your hot tub or pool area, we encourage you to buy a furniture set consisting of a table, four chairs, and an umbrella. If you do, you’ll receive 20% off the furniture set price and FREE delivery (through Feburary)!

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