4 Ways a Breeo Fire Pit Can Transform Your Space

Gone are the days when fire pits consisted of cement blocks surrounding logs and burnt grass underneath. A Breeo fire pit demands your attention, as it creates a beautiful addition to your backyard oasis. Discover 4 ways a Breeo fire pit can transform your space:

1. A Breeo Fire Pit Creates a Focal Point in Your Backyard Oasis

Establishing a designated space for your Breeo fire pit and new outdoor furniture creates a focal point in your backyard oasis. And you don’t need that much space to ensure your fire pit dream becomes a reality! After choosing the best-size Breeo fire pit, you’ll be ready to relax and watch the glowing flames. There are four sizes you can choose from:

  • X19 – Ideal for trips and small spaces, as it is the smallest Breeo fire pit available, weighing 47 pounds
  • X24 – Perfect for small get-togethers, weighing 62 pounds
  • X30 – Great for large get-togethers, weighing 97 pounds
  • Luxeve – Best option for creating a centerpiece in your oasis, weighing 135.5 (with glass) or 122.5 (without glass)

2. A Breeo Fire Pit Provides Entertainment All Year Long

No matter the season, a Breeo fire pit is a fantastic source of entertainment or relaxation. In the summer evenings, you can enjoy it after a dip in your custom-built pool. In the winter, you can keep warm with your favorite people! Like the Bullfrog Spa, Breeo fire pits can be used any day of the year.

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3. A Breeo Fire Pit Adds a Cozy Atmosphere

The Breeo fire pit’s warm flames and crackling wood creates the coziest atmosphere in your backyard haven. Whether you have your Breeo fire pit in a corner of the yard or place it front and center, you can maximize this space, so you’ll never want to leave. Here are a few fun ideas to contribute to the coziness of your Breeo fire pit:

  • Add a Loveseat and Adirondack Chairs
  • Bring Speakers to Your Fire Pit for Music
  • Hang Outdoor LED String Lights
  • Host a Movie Night with an Outdoor Projector

4. A Breeo Fire Pit Offers Opportunities for Family Fun

Take your family time outdoors! Ditch your couch and the television for a cozy loveseat and a Breeo fire pit. Whether you dive into deep conversations or host an epic marshmallow-toasting competition, a Breeo fire pit provides endless opportunities to make memories with your family.

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