4 Winter Pool Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Pool maintenance during winter can drastically decrease the amount of time you spend making your pool swimmable for spring. Consider four winter pool maintenance tips that will protect your custom-built pool:

1. Remove Detachable Equipment

While your pool is not in use, remove detachable pool equipment to keep it in top-notch shape for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Consider the following pieces you should remove and store in a safe place:

  • Automatic cleaners 
  • Chlorine tablets
  • Diving boards
  • Filter system
  • Ladders
  • Pool toys
  • Skimmer baskets

2. Drain a Percentage of the Water 

You don’t have to drain every drop of pool water once the cold weather arrives. However, it is recommended to drain enough water, so the level is below the return lines. (The return lines are responsible for carrying pool water to the wall return inlets after being pushed through the filter.) 

3. Protect the Pipes

If your pipes are not in use and there is water left in them, the water inside the pipes can easily freeze. After draining a percentage of the water, blow air through the pipes to eliminate any water that is still inside. Afterward, plug the pipes to keep them dry during the winter months.

4. Add Appropriate Chemicals

Stationary water can become a haven for bacteria to thrive, ultimately producing algae in a pool. Adding chemicals to your pool water throughout winter can help minimize or eliminate the growth of algae, decreasing the amount of time you’ll have to spend getting your pool ready in the spring season. After you’ve finished prepping your pool for winter maintenance, we encourage you to securely place a pool cover over it. You can check out why this is so important by reading our blog – Why You Need to Install a Pool Cover. 

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If you don’t have a pool yet, now is the time to act! Whether you’re searching for an above-ground pool or want us to build an in-ground pool for your enjoyment, Mid State Pools is ready and willing to get your backyard ready in time for summer.