5 Tips For Choosing a Pool Contractor

You’ve made a great decision – it’s time for your family to enjoy the fun and relaxation of a custom in-ground swimming pool.  Now, all you have to do is choose the right contractor to get things going!

A swimming pool is a big investment, and there are far too many horror stories about disreputable contractors taking advantage of homeowners to go into the project blind.  Choosing the right contractor means the difference between a smooth, painless process and a nightmare of broken promises, hidden fees, or worse.

Here are five tips for choosing the right contractor to build your family’s backyard getaway.

Ask For a Client List

It’s important when checking your contractor’s references that you do it correctly. If you just ask for references, a contractor can cherry-pick a handful of happy customers and omit hundreds of dissatisfied ones.

Instead, first ask the contractor how many pools they installed last year.  Once they’ve given you that number, then ask for references.  If they installed 100 pools last year but are only willing to give you two or three client references, that could be a warning bell.  Don’t expect them to offer every client as a resource, but they should be willing to give you most.

Call Client References

It’s not enough to get the client list, you need to call several references.  Ask them about their overall experience with the contractor, paying special attention to questions like:

  • How responsive is the contractor? How long did it take for them to answer calls and messages?
  • How did they handle unexpected problems during the installation?
  • Was the installation completed on time and within budget?
  • Has the contractor provided adequate support since the installation?
  • Has the homeowner had any significant trouble with the pool since installation?

Ask For Proof of Insurance

Building a pool means operating heavy equipment and digging deep holes, often just a handful of feet away from your house. Make sure your contractor is properly insured by asking them to provide you with the name and phone number for their insurance carrier. Call the carrier to confirm the coverage provided by the contractor.

If they won’t give you the name of their insurer, that may indicate that they’re not carrying adequate coverage.

Ask For the Warranty

There’s no such thing as a perfect pool installation. If there’s a defect in a product or a flaw in the workmanship, what will your contractor do to make it right?  Make sure that the contractor warrants their work, ideally for more than one year, and that they can clearly and plainly explain the manufacturer’s warranty for things like your pump and filtration system.

Listen To Your Gut

You’re going to be working with this contractor for several months as they design, construct, and service your pool.  How do they make you feel in your initial interactions?  If they make you feel relaxed, calm, confident, and comfortable, those are good signs.  On the other hand, if they use high-pressure tactics, act unprofessional, or make you uncomfortable in any way, it’s probably time to find another contractor.

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