5 Unique Ways to Enjoy Your Pool This Summer

Two little girls deftly swim underwater in pool

More than the perfect addition to your backyard oasis, your very own pool can be the source of lifelong memories and endless hours of summer fun. Consider five unique ways you can enjoy your pool this summer with family and friends:

1. Turn Your Pool into a Movie Theater

Who needs oversized chairs and a dark room to watch a movie when you have pool floats and the night sky? Use a projector and a white sheet to have an outdoor movie night by the pool. Lounge in your favorite outdoor furniture or use fun floats to watch the movie in the water.

2. Compete in Water Olympics

Revamp summer fun by competing in your very own Olympics’ party and ceremony. Plan different events for your family and friends to compete in, and watch your backyard come to life with cheers, laughter, and friendly competition. Here are a few suggested events for your personalized water Olympics:

  • The Splash-less Dive
  • The Biggest Cannonball Splash
  • The Fastest Lap
  • The Longest Float
  • The Most Impressive Freestyle Swim

3. Host a Glow & Swim Party

Summer evenings are perfect for swimming! The sun isn’t baking your skin and the water is still warm from the hot day. Use your swimming pool’s light features to create a glow and swim party! Purchase a handful of glow sticks and make it into a game.

4. Attempt Water Meditation

Maybe water mediation isn’t the go-to pool activity for kids, but adults will definitely enjoy it! Water meditation can be done in several ways – from floating in the pool while listening to a guided meditation to focusing on your swimming strokes and counting your breaths. The point of water meditation is to free your mind of distracting thoughts and allow the calming effect of the water to usher in relaxation.

5. Practice Your Photography Skills

We’re not suggesting you should quit your day job to become a photographer (unless you really want to). But, we are encouraging you to grab your underwater camera and host a photoshoot! These photos will be fresh and different. Make sure you frame your favorites!

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