6 Life-Saving Pool Safety Tips to Implement this Summer

With summer quickly approaching, it’s vital to implement pool safety tips that could potentially save lives. Consider these 6 life-saving pool safety tips to maximize fun and minimize danger.

Pool Safety Tips

Your pool is a source of fun and memories! But, without proper pool safety measures, it can cause serious accidents or even death. Consider implementing these three pool safety tips to reduce injuries and accidents.

1. Secure the Pet Door

Pet doors are convenient for dogs to go outside on their own, but they also allow toddlers to slip through unnoticed. Either secure the pet door so your little one cannot use it as an exit or replace the door altogether. Further, set alarms on the back door and windows so you are notified when someone is leaving the house.

2. Install a Fence Around the Pool

A fence can easily keep young children from being too close to the edge of the pool. With a secured lock that only adults can open, you can greatly minimize the opportunity for unsupervised swimming.

3. Use Motion-Sensor Cameras

Outdoor cameras are a must-have tool for pool safety, as the technology allows you to watch the area that the camera is surveying. Depending on how you set up your notifications, you can be alerted instantly anytime movement is near your pool.

Family Safety Tips

A few safety tips may require some work and purchases, but your safety and peace of mind are worth it! Discover three more pool safety tips that you can implement immediately.

4. Wear Bright-Colored Bathing Suits

As you purchase your children’s new bathing suits for the summer, choose colors that are neon and bright like yellow, orange, or green. These colors will stand out in the pool, helping you spot your child easily. Avoid colors that have low visibility in a pool like blue, white, or gray.

5. Remove Floats from the Pool

After a fun afternoon in the pool, remove the floats and store them away from the pool. This will minimize the temptation for a child to jump onto the floats, likely landing them in the water.

6. Enroll in Swim Lessons

Did you know that a baby as young as 6-months-old can learn how to float? This life-saving knowledge can give your baby the seconds he needs to cry for help. Whether you have a 6-month-old or 6-year-old, it’s vital that your children learn how to swim before enjoying the water.

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We are thrilled that summer is finally here! Our team encourages you to enjoy your pool and friends, but always keep safety at the forefront of your mind.