Above Ground Pool vs. In-Ground Pool: Which is better?

When deciding between an in-ground pool or an above ground pool for your backyard oasis, it’s important to consider your budget, desired pool shape, how quickly you want access to it, and more. Consider these four factors to determine whether an in-ground pool or above ground pool is best for your family:

1. Your Budget

In-ground pools are more expensive than above ground pools because more work goes into building and completing the project. However, more than the initial up-front cost of the purchase, you need to consider other factors that may affect your budget, such as:

  • Chemicals
  • Filling Up the Pool
  • Maintenance
  • Swimming Pool Additions
  • Winter Pool Cover

2. Desired Pool Shape & Size

Typically, above ground pools are round or oval and are offered in a variety of sizes. However, in-ground pools can be built in a variety of shapes. More than considering the aesthetics of your pool, you should think about the shape and size of your backyard while determining which pool is best for you.

Also, it’s important to consider the desired depth of the pool. Most above ground pools are no deeper than 52” which would make it unsafe to dive into the pool. In-ground pools can be deeper than 52” which allows for more “deep-end” activities.

3. Re-Sell Value of Your Home

An above ground pool is considered a temporary addition to your home, as it can be easily removed if needed. An in-ground pool is considered a permanent addition to your home, which can positively impact the re-sell value if you choose to move. Because the majority of Georgia’s yearly weather is warm/hot, most homebuyers would be happy to have an in-ground pool in their backyard.

4. Time it Takes to Install or Build

An in-ground pool will always take longer to build than the installation of an above ground pool. This is due to the planning, preparation, and actual build-time it takes to complete the project. Your backyard may look like a construction zone for a portion of the project, but the end result will be absolutely stunning. Normally, it doesn’t take long to order and install an above ground pool. So, if you’re searching for an immediate solution to hot summer days, an above ground pool may be the answer.

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