Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Choosing Patio Furniture

couple enjoying outdoor patio furnitureWhen you step onto your welcoming deck overlooking your custom-built pool, you want to lounge in comfortable patio furniture that fits your space perfectly. Avoid these five mistakes while choosing patio furniture to ensure your backyard vibe stays intact:

1. Participating in Price Tag Enticement

It’s so tempting to choose patio furniture based on the price tag. Most of the time, cheap furniture will last about a year, which means you’ll have to purchase another set next year. This will inevitably cost you more money than if you had purchased a more expensive set to begin with, lasting you 5 – 10 years. If it’s cheap, there is a reason why it’s cheap; it is likely not made to last!

2. Neglecting to Consider Your Patio Floor

Do you have brick pavers, wooden slats, or tile? Unless you lay a rug down, each of these flooring options have one thing in common – gaps between the pieces. If your heart is set on elegant chairs or a table/chair set, make sure the legs on the chairs will not fall into the gaps. Sometimes, bulkier is better to ensure the chairs do not shift or fall into the gaps of your patio floor.

3. Failing to Research Furniture Material

There are numerous types of furniture material – wood, teak, stainless steel, wrought iron, wicker, and more. It’s imperative that you research which type of material will thrive in the climate in which you live. Lightweight material may not be best for areas that see severe winds regularly. Stainless steel is best if you intend to keep it covered, as the sun can heat this material very quickly. Talk to one of our team members about which patio furniture is right for your space.

4. Forgetting to Plan for Rain

Lounge cushions are heavenly until they’re soaked with rain and become mildewy. It’s important to have a rainy-day plan, such as purchasing an outdoor storage container for your cushions or having a designated spot to keep your cushions – out of the rain. A lot of patio furniture also doubles as storage tables or benches which would be perfect for your cushions.

5. Ignoring Your Surroundings

If your patio furniture sits on a screened-in deck or has a covering over it, you may be able to get away with not considering your surroundings. It’s imperative to look at the area around your patio furniture to ensure it is suitable. For example, if you place your patio furniture underneath a tree for shade, you can expect that bird droppings will end up on your furniture. Or, if you place your wicker lounger too close to your fire pit, it could easily go up in flames. Consider where you want to put your patio furniture before purchasing a set.

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