Benefits of Choosing an Above Ground Pool

above ground pool

It’s hot in Georgia! If you’re looking to keep your family cool this summer on a budget, an above ground pool is an excellent choice. In addition to the lower startup costs, some benefits of choosing an above ground pool include fast installation and easy maintenance.

This April, Mid State Pools is offering a special promotion for above ground pools. Receive a free YETI cooler when you purchase one of our above ground pools!

Low Startup Costs

Usually when you think of purchasing a pool, the first thought is high costs. Above ground pools are perfect for those who are looking to buy a pool on a budget. At Mid State Pools, we offer brands that promise low costs without compromising quality.

Fast Installation

Compared to an inground pool, an above ground pool’s installation time is a fraction. Depending on the state of your yard and model of pool you choose, the time spent installing your pool can be much less. If you’re looking for the fastest option for getting a pool in your yard, an above ground pool is the way to go. You’ll be relaxing in no time!

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance on an above ground pool saves you time and money. Fewer chemicals, less water usage, and cheaper upkeep makes for a great backyard option. While the upkeep on an above ground pool is easier than most, our maintenance team is here to help when you need us. We’ll be at your house fixing whatever you need in no time!

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