Benefits of Owning an Above Ground Pool

above ground pool

There are many benefits to choosing to install an above ground pool in your yard including saving money, fast and easy installation, taking up less space, movability, and simple maintenance. These benefits along with family fun, exercise, and fresh air make owning an above ground pool totally worth it.

Save Money

Cost is always the first thing on your mind when making a big purchase like a pool. Above ground pools are less expensive initially, as well as less expensive during regular maintenance. Compared to an inground pool, an above ground pool saves you thousands.

Fast, Easy Installation

While we can come out and install your above ground pool in no time, guess what? You can too! It is a lot easier than you think. First, remove all debris, grass, and clippings from the space you want your above ground pool to sit. After that, all you have to do it level the land and follow the directions on the installation equipment. Many times, your above ground pool can be installed in one day.

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Less Space Used

An inground pool is typically larger and takes up more space when you factor in the surrounding deck or concrete. An above ground pool is more compact, while still offering the same experience as an inground.


You can disassemble your above ground pool fairly easily if you’re moving houses. Obviously, that’s impossible for an inground pool, so factor that in as your weighing pros and cons.

Simple Upkeep

Above ground pools are so much easier to clean and repair. For cleaning, all you do is drain and scrub where is needed. Replacing parts is also easy because unlike an inground pool, all the parts are visible and accessible without digging.

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