Big Green Egg: A Must-Have for Grilling Enthusiasts

big green eggThe Big Green Egg was introduced to the United States roughly 70 years ago, after American servicemen saw the mushikamado cooker in Japan during World War II. The mushikamado is a steam cooker that is shaped like a round, clay pot and has a removable lid, much like the Big Green Egg.

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The Egg is best recognized for its unique shape and dark green color. The shape accurately reflects its name but for an important purpose—to cook your food to perfection! The egg shape contains the heat, and there is a small vent at the top of the Egg. This vent allows a draft to keep your fire going and cook your food accurately.

The Egg’s design and use may have been inspired by Japanese cooking, but Big Green Egg is native to Georgia. The company is less than two hours away from Middle Georgia in the city of Tucker. However, there’s no need to drive to Tucker for your Egg needs. Mid State Pools proudly sells the Egg!

Big Green Egg Recipes You’ll Love

Barbecuing is the most common cooking technique for the Egg. However, there are many different types of cooking that the Egg can accommodate. Check out these recipes that the Egg is famous for:

  • Delicious coconut cake, with just the slightest amount of smoke to give it a unique, pleasant taste
  • Smoked apples, creating a burst of flavor that your taste buds will crave.
  • Roasted chicken—so good, you’ll never want to use an oven again.
  • Grilled breakfast items—you’ll be dreaming about breakfast-time when you go to sleep.

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