Bullfrog Spa Spotlight, The Superior Hot Tub Therapy System

A Bullfrog Spa is an excellent addition as you create your forever backyard oasis. From cost efficiency to a customizable massage therapy system, we’re positive you’ll enjoy this purchase for many years. Allow us to highlight the incredible Bullfrog Spa.

Prefabricated (& Fabulous)

Bullfrog Spas are prefabricated, meaning there is no assembly required. After you purchase your Bullfrog Spa from Mid State Pools, the next step is installing it. It is realistic to purchase a Bullfrog Spa and enjoy a long soak on the same day. This freestanding addition to your backyard also boasts durability and customization.

Customized Massage Therapy System

Bullfrog Spas has a built-in JetPak Therapy System that can be customized for the user’s specific needs. The JetPak Therapy System can target specific areas that are aching, from the lower back to the shoulders. You can find relief from your back pain while enjoying a hot soak. You can choose from various models, each with its own seating arrangements and JetPak Therapy System placements. Here are a few things you can expect from the JetPak Therapy System:

  • Each system provides 17 interchangeable JetPak massages.
  • Each seat can be fully personalized to your specific massage needs.
  • Switching the JetPaks to re-personalize your seat takes less than 1 minute.

Cost, Space, & Energy Efficient

A Bullfrog Spa can be used year-round and is less expensive than an in-ground pool. Because the electrical and plumbing systems are located within the spa’s housing unit (shell), the hot tub will not take up more space than necessary. Further, Bullfrog spas use 90% LESS plumbing equipment than traditional hot tub units. This has a direct effect on the amount of energy you use to operate the hot tub.

High-Quality Filters to Keep Your Water Clean

Bullfrog Spas boast the Wellspring™ care system, which traps and eliminates harsh contaminates. These filters will not compromise your desired water pressure, especially if you clean these filters as directed by the manufacturer. When soaking in your Bullfrog Spa, you can be confident that the water is clean and nourishing.

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