S’more Tips to Keep Your Fireplace Clean

fireplaceIt’s springtime and warmer weather is quickly approaching. While your fireplace may not be used quite as often, it’s important to keep it clean so it will be safe the next time you use it. Don’t have a pool? You’re in luck. Mid State Pools is known for its beautifully designed and custom built fireplaces (and pools)!

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Keeping your outdoor fireplace clean takes a few steps but is incredibly important:

Keep Your Fireplace Floor Surface Clean

When we think about a fire, we visualize big logs and a blazing fire – we normally don’t visualize slow burning, barely visible embers. However, after a fire, small pieces from the wood or dust-like debris stays on the bottom of the floor. If it’s never cleaned, the debris could stay there for months or even years.

To keep the floor in pristine condition, use a vacuum attachment to clean the debris or ash from the floor. This will increase the aesthetics – even when it’s not in use.

Clean Your Fireplace Screen

If you have a fireplace screen, it’s important to keep them clean by using a bottle of canned air. This compressed air will blow away any dust or soot from the screen. (Screens are also very helpful to keep children or pets at a safe distance from the fire).

Scrub the Exterior

To keep the exterior looking brand new, use a stiff-bristled brush and warm soapy water. This will remove any build up or dirt that is clinging between the brick and create a sparkle-and-shine look. Cleaning the interior can be done the same way or by using a fireplace cleaner.

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