How Mid State Pools Designs Your Custom Inground Pool

You’ve been thinking and talking about it for years now: a custom-designed inground pool in your backyard. You want something beautiful that integrates seamlessly with your house and any other exterior design elements, will work with your landscaping and terrain, and meets your family’s swimming, playing, and relaxing desires.

At Mid State Pools, we love nothing more than designing and building the perfect backyard vacation spot for our neighbors here in Middle Georgia. When you contact us to design and install a custom inground pool for your backyard, we’ll take the following steps to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations in every way possible.

We Start With You

A pool is a significant expense, and your wishes should drive the entire process from start to finish. When you choose Mid State Pools for your custom inground pool, we’ll start with an in-depth conversation to find out what you need from your new pool. We’ll ask questions like:

  • How do you plan to use your pool? As a place to swim for fitness, a recreation spot for the kids, a relaxing hideaway from the rest of the world, or something else?
  • What elements of your yard’s terrain or landscaping do you want to integrate into the pool design?
  • What design elements from your house do you want to see incorporated into the pool and its surrounding environment?
  • What features do you want to see included in your custom inground pool? Do you want a straightforward place to take a dip, or do you want to add fountains, splash pads, tanning ledges, slides, or even an outdoor patio and kitchen?

We Look at Your Home, Landscape, and Inground Pool Usage

Nobody likes to see something that clashes with its environment. Unlike some pool companies that sell every customer the same rectangular pool with a flat concrete apron, Mid State Pools actively works to integrate design cues from your home and landscape into your pool design.

Maybe your house has a distinctive type of stacked-stone finish around the foundation and the bottoms of the walls, or perhaps you’re particularly fond of the keystone trim pieces at the tops of your doors and windows. Regardless of the design elements that made you fall in love with your house in the first place, we’ll take inspiration from that, and our designers will use those elements to tie your pool and your home together.

We’ll also look at the terrain and landscaping of your yard to ensure that our design will work in the specified location and be beautiful in the setting you choose. If, during the design process, we discover something that would prevent us from building in the spot you chose, or if we see an opportunity to provide you with a better pool in a slightly different setting, we’ll talk with you to determine how best to proceed.

Finally, we’ll consider your intended usage of the pool to decide what design elements to incorporate. Need a place for the neighborhood kids to hang out and play? We’ll include plenty of open space and a wide shallow end to accommodate those cutthroat games of Marco Polo. Want a more secluded spot away from prying eyes for quiet evenings alone with your partner? We’ll consider tall screening plants or a wall to keep your pool time a little more private.

We Give You Detailed Plans for Your Inground Pool

Once we have a good idea of what you’re looking for and how we’ll integrate it into the setting of your choice, we’ll begin drafting detailed plans for your new pool. These blueprints will include every aspect of your new pool, from interior finishes to decking and other supporting components.

We’ll also produce a detailed color 3D rendering of your entire backyard to see precisely what you can expect from your new inground pool.

As we review our plans with you, we’ll actively solicit feedback. What do you like about the plan? What would you like to see changed? We’ll keep working with you on your new pool’s design until you’re 100% happy with what we’ve created.

A digital 3D rendering of a Mid State Pools’ client’s backyard. A poolhouse with a patio and an irregular-shaped pool sit in the backyard of a moderately-large two-story home. The siding and roofline of the poolhouse matches that of the house. The pool has a tanning ledge and a small circular hot tub.

We Start Construction!

Once we’re confident that you’re thrilled with what your custom inground pool will look like and what experiences it will provide, we’re ready to start construction.

The first day on one of our job sites is a truly fun experience – like Game Day for our team. As we start laying out, staking off, and making the first excavations for your project, it’s exciting for us to see your excitement as all of the planning comes to fruition. The only thing better than starting construction on a customer’s dream pool is seeing the huge smiles and eager faces that greet us when we finish the job and tell a new pool owner that their backyard oasis is complete!

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Mid State Pools and Spas builds custom pools for residential and commercial customers in:

  • Warner Robins
  • Macon
  • Forsyth
  • Perry
  • Milledgeville
  • Lake Oconee
  • And all across Middle Georgia!