How to Keep Your Pool Clean This Fall

Skimming leaves from pool

Fall provides Middle Georgians a slight relief from the hot summer weather, but it’s still warm enough for a hop in your custom-built pool! (Did you know that we offer financing for our in-ground pools?) Once you have the urge to take a quick dip, you don’t want to be stuck cleaning the pool first. Allow us to highlight four ways you can keep your pool clean this fall:

1. Test Your Pool Water

There are several elements of your pool water that you want to check weekly to keep it clean – pH balance, alkalinity, and chlorine levels. If these elements are off, you will either have a pool full of algae or water that stings and burns your eyes when you finally take the plunge. By testing your water weekly, you can monitor your chemical levels and adjust as needed.

2. Skim the Water Free of Debris

Leaves and sticks have a place in nature, but not in your custom-built pool! Once a week, remove any debris from the surface of the water to keep your pool water clean. In addition to a debris-free pool, it also minimizes the chance of rips or holes occurring in your pool liner.

3. Vacuum & Brush Your Pool

If you notice any algae build-up on the sides of your pool, it’s important to address it right away (in more ways than one). First, brush the sides of your pool to remove the algae. Second, check the following things to determine what caused the algae to form in the first place:

  • Imbalanced Water
  • Inadequate Filtration System
  • Low Chlorine Levels
  • Weak Water Circulation

4. Check Your Pool Filter

With more debris falling into the pool than usual due to the changing season, your filtration system will have to work harder than usual. Keep your cartridge filtration system replaced or cleaned regularly. If you have a sand and diatomaceous earth (DE) filter, it will need to be back washed.

Stop by Mid State Pools for your pool cleaning needs! Our address is 540 S. Houston Lake Road in Warner Robins

Once it’s time to close your pool, we recommend adding a pool cover to keep it clean through winter. You can order those through Mid State Pools! If you have any questions about keeping your pool clean or would like to purchase a pool cover, don’t hesitate to call us: 478-292-6988