Inground Pool Maintenance Tips

pool cleaning

Taking proper care of your inground pool is crucial for its longevity. Pool maintenance makes your pool look and function as it is supposed to saving you time and money in the future. There are many different practices to pick up that will prevent algae growth and buildup and improper chemical balances.

Pool Maintenance Tip #1: Remove Debris Regularly

Whether it’s the middle of pool season or you are preparing for the winter closing, it is essential to give your pool a thorough cleaning once a week, if not more. Start by emptying each skimmer basket completely, rinsing it out if you must. Use a long-handled net to skim the debris off the top of the pool water. For debris that has settled to the bottom of the pool, use a pool vacuum for easy removal. Concrete pools have small grooves and imperfections that are a breeding ground for algae and can quickly take over your pool if you are not careful. Brush the pool bottom to knock growth up before it gets out of hand.

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Pool Maintenance Tip #2: Open & Close Your Pool Properly

Closing your pool for the winter is critical for your pool’s health. Start by checking for any damage that might have occurred during pool season and try to get those fixed before closing your pool. If no damage needs fixing, remove all accessories or foreign objects from your pool – ladders, skimmers, pool floats, and toys. Test your water and adjust the chemical levels accordingly, as you would during pool season. Drain some, but not all, water from your pool and cover it with a pool cover. Be sure to inspect the cover for damage or improper fitting, and if either is an issue, replace your cover.

It is also equally as important to remember to open your pool back up when springtime comes, and warmer weather is imminent. This will prevent algae and bacteria that thrive in warm environments from forming in your pool.

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