Ledge Loungers: A Must-Have for Your Backyard Oasis

Comfy white Ledge Loungers in shallow end of refreshing blue swimming
If you have a tanning ledge in your custom-built pool, ledge loungers will add the finishing touch to your gorgeous pool. These ledge loungers boast a plethora of features such as extreme durability, comfort, and style. Let us explain why purchasing a ledge lounger is the best decision you can make for your backyard oasis:

1. Ledge Loungers: Durable Material

The quality of outdoor furniture that hotels and resorts receive should be the same for your backyard oasis. When you purchase Ledge Loungers, you can be confident that the Lounger that’s in your backyard is made with the same durable material that you experience at hotels and resorts.

2. Ledge Loungers: Fade Resistant

Nothing makes outdoor furniture look OLD like fading, thanks to the sun. Ledge Loungers are made with UV-resistant resin that boasts a UV16 rating. UV16 means it will look as good as new for roughly 16,000 hours in the direct sun! (Middle Georgia will see temperatures in the 80s and 90s over the next few weeks, so you know the sun will be shining down on your ledge loungers. But you don’t have to worry about the color fading!)

3. Ledge Loungers: Customize Your Furniture

Ledge Loungers are offered in different colors to add a subtle look or a huge pop of color! Beyond unique colors to choose from, you can embroider or engrave your Loungers. Top off the look with a fun table and umbrella, and you’ll be ready for countless hours in the sun. Enjoy these modern color options:

  • White
  • Cloud
  • Sandstone
  • Granite gray
  • Dark blue
  • Light blue
  • Frost
  • Mint
  • Coral

4. Ledge Loungers: Made in America!

Support your country by relaxing on your very own Ledge Lounger (or two)! From design to manufacturing to shipping (and everything in between) is completed right here in the United States. Order yours today so you can enjoy them for Labor Day weekend.

Mid State Pools sells Ledge Loungers so you can enjoy your custom-built pool!

Mid State Pools provides everything you need for your backyard oasis – from Ledge Loungers to building the pool itself. We’re here to transform your backyard into a dream oasis. Don’t let cost stop you! We offer financing for custom-built pools. Call us today to get started: 478-292-6988