3 Ways an Outdoor Fireplace Contributes to Your Overall Wellbeing

Outdoor FireplaceNot many winter activities can top listening to the crackle of a log in your fireplace or roasting s’mores over an open flame. A custom-built outdoor fireplace is perfect for the current chilly months when swimming in your backyard pool isn’t an option. At Mid State Pools, we are dedicated to our customers and love creating custom fireplaces and pools for your enjoyment.

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Check out the following reasons why an outdoor fireplace can contribute to your overall wellbeing:

Beauty & Aesthetics

When your living space is beautiful, it gives you a sense of pride and joy. An outdoor fireplace can turn an empty area in your backyard into a useful and beautiful space. This warm addition will not only increase the value of your home, but also help make the most of your outdoor living space.

Light & Warmth

As of November 5, daylight disappears one hour sooner. With this lack of light, many families opt to stay inside. However, after a few weeks, you and the kids may start feeling restless. An outdoor fireplace provides much-needed light and warmth to your wintery night. This outdoor addition will encourage family bonding, outdoor activities, and countless talks. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, an outdoor fireplace is exactly what your family needs this winter.

Health & Wellbeing

Studies have shown that simply gazing at the sunset can dramatically increase your overall mood and wellbeing. If this is true, you can liken the sunset to the fire in your outdoor fireplace. The fire will diminish over time, like the sun does, and cast beautiful light in your backyard. In the meantime, you can let your mind wander and relax while gazing at the fire.

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