Part 1 – Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture for Large Spaces

patio furniture

A large deck provides ample space for entertainment but can be a headache to furnish. With easy-to-follow tips, you can choose the perfect patio furniture for your space. Take a look.

Decide Your Furniture Arrangement

Before deciding what furniture you want, you need to determine how you want to arrange your furniture. Consider these options:

  • Use a Sectional to Create Boundaries
  • Create a Corner with 2 Sofas
  • Arrange 2 Loveseats & Chairs for Optimal Seating
  • Add a Sofa & 2 Chairs for a “Classic” Look

Add a Rug

With the right rug, you can draw in the viewer’s eye with beautiful colors and shapes. A rug can add warmth to a space in winter or summer! When deciding on a rug, determine whether you want the rug to be the main focal point on your deck or if you’d rather your patio furniture accomplish that goal.

Next, decide which color and size you want. For color, we suggest choosing a rug that complements your patio furniture. For size, you’ll have to measure your patio furniture and confirm the rug can hold the main pieces while leaving room in the center. A small rug can look puny in a large space, and a rug that is too big can overwhelm the space.

Leave Space for Flames

Bulky, comfortable patio furniture can be great for large spaces, but safety must be adhered to. So, if you want to have a classy fire pit with sectionals all around, you must leave space for safety! Experts strongly recommend having patio furniture at least 3 feet away from a fire pit. (If you’re not a fan of fire pits, we can built an outdoor fireplace that can become a gorgeous, functional structure in your backyard!)

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