Part 2 – Breeo Fire Pit FAQs

Don’t let another gorgeous fall evening pass without a Breeo fire pit to enjoy. A leading smokeless fire pit on the market today, Breeo fire pits have changed the campfire game for good. When you purchase a Breeo fire pit, you can expect:

  • Free (& Fast) Shipping
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA (Lancaster, PA)

In addition to the FAQs we answered in part one of this series, we want to cover a few more questions to help you make your decision to purchase a Breeo fire pit an easy one.

Which is better – Corten steel or stainless steel?

It really depends on your preference! Both will last a lifetime as long as it is not misused. Stainless steel will continue to look sleek and modern for decades to come. Corten steel is designed to create a weathered, iron oxide surface coating as it ages. (For example, think of what bridges and buildings look like over time when natural elements have made their mark.)

What size Breeo fire pit should I buy?

Every Breeo fire pit is a great option, but you definitely want to consider what size works best for your needs. The four Breeo fire pits come in different sizes. Check out the details:

  • X19 – This fire pit is ideal for smaller outdoor spaces and those who want to take it with them on trips! The X19 is the smallest Breeo fire pit size we offer, weighing in at 47 pounds. You can view the exact specifications here.
  • X24 – Do you enjoy hosting small get togethers and cooking over the fire? The X24 fire pit would be perfect for you! It’s a little heavier than the X19, weighing in at 62 pounds. You can view the exact specification here.
  • X30 – If you are known for hosting large parties and love cooking for big crowds, the X30 Breeo fire pit can absolutely get the job done. It’s our largest X Series Breeo fire pit available, weighing 97 pounds – this big guy isn’t moving from your yard. You can view the exact specifications here.
  • Luxeve – Backyards are transformed by this sophisticated and modern fire pit. It enhances an entire area and creates a centerpiece for any get together or backyard oasis. This Breeo fire pit weighs 135.5 (with glass) or 122.5 (without glass). You can view the exact specifications here.

What kind of logs can I burn in a Breeo fire pit?

We highly recommend using split, kiln-dried hardwoods. This type of logs will burn more efficiently, meaning you will enjoy essentially a smokeless firepit. You can burn artificial logs, such as Duraflame or Enviro-Log, but we cannot guarantee the smokeless experience.

Mid State Pools proudly carries Breeo fire pits! Visit us today to purchase yours: 540 S. Houston Lake Road in Warner Robins