Part 2 – Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture for Small Spaces

backyard patio furnitureThe right outdoor furniture on a small deck gives off a cozy and welcoming vibe. Before purchasing the first set that’s within your budget, allow us to give you a few tips to ensure you buy the perfect patio furniture for your space.

1. Choose Slim Pieces Over Bulky Furniture

Furniture with a slim profile will not only take up less space, but also trick your eye to believe your patio is bigger than it really is. You can do this by purchasing a circular table versus a four-legged one or buying two matching chairs instead of a bulky, three-person couch.

2. Utilize Storage Seating & Tables

If you already don’t have a ton of space on your patio for furniture, figuring out where to put your sofa cushions, mosquito candles, and other porch necessities can be a headache. We suggest using patio furniture that has built-in storage! Many coffee tables, end tables, and benches offer hidden storage compartments.

3. Keep the Space Simple

Have you ever walked into a busy room and felt like you couldn’t relax? When there is too much going on, your eyes can’t focus, and it can be overwhelming. Large patio spaces with ample space can get away with busy patterns and mis-matched furniture pieces. But, if you have a small space, we suggest:

  • One focal point (accent wall or vibrant rug, for example)
  • Matching furniture to tie the room together
  • Create clear walkways to your backyard

Purchase Your Perfect Patio Furniture at Mid State Pools

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