Part 3 – Stunning Patio Furniture Spotlight: Ramsgate

ramsgate chair

Patio furniture is not an element in your backyard oasis that you should comprise on. You need both high-quality and aesthetically pleasing furniture to complement your custom-built pool and provide much-needed relaxation! We believe that the Ramsgate collection can do just that and more. Take an inside look at what you can expect from Ramsgate, then visit Mid State Pools today to test out this premier furniture in person:

Patio Furniture Spotlight: Ramsgate

Allow us to introduce to you a furniture line that seamlessly combines strength with beauty – Ramsgate collection from Woodard furniture. You’ve likely spotted Ramsgate furniture in commercial and residential properties, as they are a go-to furniture choice for people of all ages! You can pick this line out from a crowded showroom or hotel pool due to their stunning woven lattice pattern. The interwoven straps provide strength and comfort, while the gently curved cast aluminum arms show off the detail-oriented manufacturing process. When you choose Ramsgate furniture to complement your custom-built pool, you can expect:

  • American-made furniture
  • Materials surpass industry standards
  • Built to out-comfort & over-last

The Ramsgate collection allows you to customize its pieces if you wish to do so! You can easily add cushions to maximize comfort or place additional pieces such as side tables or an ottoman to maximize relaxation. We understand that everyone has a different style and preference, so we offer numerous finishes, fabrics, and colors. If you’re ready to spruce up your patio furniture with Ramsgate collection, don’t hesitate to stop by our showroom today: 540 S. Houston Lake Drive in Warner Robins.

Mid State Pools Offers Ramsgate Furniture

The team at Mid State Pools is here to provide you with stunning, high-quality furniture pieces for your backyard oasis! We carry a wide variety of patio furniture such as Adirondack chairs, Woodard, Ramsgate, Cortland cushions, and more. If you have any questions about patio furniture, don’t hesitate to call our team today: 478-200-2508

This is part three of our four-part series on premier patio furniture. Stay tuned for part four: