Preparing Your Pool for Summer Fun

Warm weather is finally here and the official start of summer is right around the corner! Is your pool ready for the fun summer brings? Consider the following steps to help prepare your pool for the best summer yet: open your pool early, finalize a pool maintenance plan, and properly store your pool cover.

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Open Your Pool Early

Most people think about pool time and summer fun solely in the June and July months. But, go ahead and open your pool now! When the outside temperature is consistently in the 70’s or above, it’s a good time to open your pool.

When you open your pool early, you will most likely find a cleaner pool (less algae). If you use a mesh pool cover during winter, sunlight is getting through. Algae love the warmth that the sunlight brings and will grow in your pool. However, the earlier you open, the less algae you will have to clean.

Finalize a Pool Maintenance Plan

A beautiful pool is a sight to behold, but if it’s dirty, no one will use it. We provide swimming pool maintenance plans to ensure the upkeep and protection of your pool. You can customize your pool maintenance plan to fit your needs! Our maintenance plans start as low as $150/month.

A Mid State Pools’ pool maintenance plan include:

  • Concrete Stamping
  • Free Computerized Water Analysis
  • Pool Maintenance, Renovation, & Pavers
  • Repair service on parts and motors
  • Replastering
  • Vinyl Liner Replacements
  • Winterize Pools with Chemicals & Covers

Clean & Properly Store Your Winter Cover

Before storing your winter cover, make sure to scrub it with soap and warm water. Let it dry and store in an area where insects can’t get to it. A plastic container with a lid is very popular to use to store your cover to ensure usage the following year.

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