Properly maintaining your swimming pool is very important to the life of your pool and will save you money in the long run. Mid State Pools and Spas offers a full range of swimming pool supplies, including chemicals, swimming pool parts, swimming pool covers, swimming pool cleaners, swimming pool liners, swimming pool ozone systems, swimming pool maintenance equipment, and more.

Swimming Pool Chemicals & Spa Chemicals

Keeping the chlorine, alkalinity, and pH levels of your swimming pool balanced with help preserve the life of your swimming pool and create a more enjoyable swim. We carry all major brands of swimming pool chemicals and spa chemicals, including:

  • Biguinide
  • Bio Guard
  • E-Z Clor
  • Natural Chemistry
  • Nature 2
  • Soft Swim

Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners

Keeping your swimming pool clean can be a lot of work throughout the summer, but utilizing an automatic cleaning system will save you time and ensure a clean swimming pool for each swim.

  • Polaris Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners – 280, 380, 9300 Pro
  • Dolphin
  • Zodiac Above Ground Swimming Pool Cleaner
  • Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners

Swimming Pool & Spa Parts & Maintenance Equipment

If your swimming pool is need of repair or maintenance, you’ll find a full line of swimming pool replacement parts and maintenance equipment at Mid State Pools and Spas. You may purchase and install the parts yourself or have one of our experienced technicians install the new part.

  • Hayward Parts and Equipments
  • A.O. Smith Replacement Motors
  • Poles, Nets, Brushes, Hoses, and more

Swimming Pool Mineral & Ozone Systems

Using an ozone, mineral, or salt water system will help purify your swimming pool water, minimize the presence of bacteria, mold, algae, and viruses, and reduce the use of chemicals. Keeping your swimming pool water healthy and clean will add the enjoyment of your swim and maintain the health of your pool.

  • Ozone Joe’s
  • Pool Frog Mineral System
  • Goldline Salt Water System

Swimming Pool Safety Covers

After you’ve enjoyed a nice summer in your pool, it’s time to cover your swimming pool. Keeping your swimming pool covered in non-swimming months will help preserve the health of your swimming pool and keep your friends and family safe while around your swimming pool. We offer some of the best swimming pool safety cover brands, including:

  • Pool Style Safety Cover
  • Merlin Safety Cover

We also carry a full line of Pool Master toys and floats, starting at just $20.