The Importance of Balanced Pool Water

Man checking the chemical balance of a swimming pool, Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain, Western Europe.

Unbalanced pool water can occur simply because of bacteria that enters the water from swimmers, rain, debris, and the like. However, it’s vital to actively maintain balanced pool water to protect the health of the pool equipment, water, and swimmers! Keep reading to discover important information about balanced pool water:

Signs of Unbalanced Pool Water

It’s no secret when a pool has unbalanced water. You can see it from the early stages! If you notice any of the following, your pool’s water is likely unbalanced:

  • There is damage to the liners, pool walls, and/or equipment.
  • Swimmers experience stinging eyes and/or dry skin.
  • The water is thick, cloudy, green, and/or slimy.

Yikes! That is not the recipe for a fun pool day. To keep your pool water balanced, you need to check it weekly and add the appropriate chemicals. The more often you check it, the better – as different people and Mother Nature’s elements can contribute various types of bacteria to the pool water.

How to Ensure Balanced Pool Water

To guarantee balanced pool water, you need to have the correct levels of the five basic components. Let us explain what those five components are and what they do:

  1. Total alkalinity measures the hydroxides, carbonates, bicarbonates, and other alkaline substances found in the pool water.
  2. pH measures the acidity of the pool water.
  3. Calcium hardness measures calcium ions in pool water.
  4. Chlorine acts as a sanitizer that kills bacteria and algae.
  5. Stabilizer helps your pool water retain the chlorine.

Balanced pool water will minimize the chance of bacteria and algae growth, protect your swimmers’ health, and promote the life of the pool’s equipment!

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It’s chilly weather now but before we know it, it will be swim weather! Keep your pool swim-ready by regularly checking chemical levels and adding the appropriate chemicals, especially if you don’t have a pool cover on it. If you have questions about unbalanced pool water, don’t hesitate to call us: 478-292-6988