Things to Consider When Planning a Custom Inground Pool

Of all the improvements that a homeowner can make, none are more enjoyable than a beautiful, custom inground pool. When built correctly, a pool can provide lifelong enjoyment and quickly become as much a part of your home as the bedrooms or the kitchen.

But before you start calling contractors, there are a few things you need to consider before deciding to make the plunge, so to speak.

Here are four things to consider when you’re planning a custom inground pool.

Location, Location, Location

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “Do I have space for this pool?” There are dozens of things that could prevent you from siting a pool at a particular space in your yard, and some of them are things most homeowners have never even considered:

  • If overhead utilities (power lines, etc.) cross over your property, you may not be able to build underneath the lines.
  • If underground utilities (gas, water, buried electrical) cross your yard, those will also prevent you from building an inground pool. If you’re in a rural area and rely on a septic system, you also can’t place a pool within a certain distance of your system’s drain field for obvious reasons.
  • If any other utility or access easements cross your property, they can impede your ability to install a pool.
  • A high water table, especially near the ocean, lake, or reservoir will almost certainly preclude an inground pool on your property.
  • If you own a historic or otherwise specially designated home, there may be restrictions on the type of pool you build, or even on building a pool altogether.

The other consideration is the terrain involved in your pool construction. Level ground is obviously the easiest place to put a pool, but even a hillside location isn’t out of the question. Just be aware that building a pool on other than flat ground will likely mean a considerable increase in the pool’s cost, as earthworks and retaining walls will likely be required before pool construction can begin.

Upfront and Ongoing Costs

Building a new inground pool is obviously a considerable expense, but that’s not the only budget consideration you need to make before deciding on a new pool. You also need to take into account such expenses as:

  • Regular maintenance: Even if you do it yourself, regular pool maintenance is an expense that needs to be considered. If you plan on hiring a pool maintenance service, you can expect to pay upwards of $100 per month on maintenance and chemicals during your pool’s open months.
  • Repairs: Things break. That’s just a fact of life, and when something on your pool breaks or wears out, you can expect to have outlays for both parts and labor for the repairs.
  • Utility costs: Pool pumps, lights, and other devices are more efficient than ever, but still consume electricity. Your pump, especially, can add a considerable amount to your monthly energy bill.
  • Insurance: Your homeowner’s insurance will likely become more expensive with a pool on your property. You can ameliorate some of the expense by making sure that your fencing and other access barriers are effective and well maintained, but insurance companies will always view pools as an additional site for liability.
  • Pool toys: Okay, so this isn’t a major expense, but you know you’re going to want some awesome inflatables to play with.

What Features Do You Really Want?

Swimming pool with hot tub

Pools today are so much nicer than the vinyl-lined rectangular holes in the ground that previous generations of pool contractors sold by the millions. From tanning shelves to waterfalls, infinity edges to splash pads, your pool contractor can offer you a massive variety of special pool options to enhance your swimming sessions.

While they may seem like extravagant add-ons, take the time to look around online at what other people are having installed as part of their inground pools. As you look at each feature, think about what it would add to your pool lifestyle. You’ll be surprised at how many of them start to seem like a good idea.

Now’s the time to get what you want out of a pool. Many of the features are either difficult or impossible to install on a pool that’s already in place, so trying to save money now will probably result in one of two things:

  • You’ll never get the features you actually want and will get less enjoyment out of your pool than you were expecting, or
  • You’ll end up having to spend several times more on installing features after primary construction is completed.

How Will Your Pool Fit Into Your Lifestyle?

As you’re deciding on what type of pool to go with, where to put it, and what features to install, the overriding consideration needs to be one simple question: how will my family and I use this pool?

Is your family the athletic sort that believes that fitness is next to Godliness and that the family that plays together stays together? You may want a larger pool that allows for lap-swimming, races, and vigorous competition around the poolside basketball hoop.

Are you planning this to be the gathering spot for the neighborhood kids to get together with your children and play? You might consider making sure your pool has plenty of fun options like slides and waterfalls and has plenty of ways in and out for a rousing game of Marco Polo.

Have the kids moved out and you’re looking to build a relaxing getaway where you can while away quiet summer evenings? A small pool with an adjoining spa, plenty of privacy-protecting landscaping options, and soft LED lighting may be just what the doctor ordered.

However you plan on using the pool, make sure that the size, features, and location are going to be well-suited for your particular use case.

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