Time For a Refresh? Consider an Inground Pool Renovation

You love your pool and with good reason. It’s the best way to cool off in the summer heat and provides an easy and always-enjoyable place to spend time with family and friends. But if it’s been a while since it was built, it may be looking a little tired.

Maybe the lining is worn and fading, the simple poured-concrete apron is getting boring, or perhaps you just want to add some features to give your old swimming hole a little extra flair.

Just like your home, your inground pool can benefit from a renovation. The experts at Mid State Pools and Spas can bring your pool back into style with dozens of repairs, upgrades, and other options. Here are a few that you may want to consider:

Say Goodbye to That Bland Decking

If the decking around your pool is still a basic poured-concrete apron, you’ve probably already noticed some issues: the old concrete has started to crack and crumble around the edges, it may have buckled in places, and at the very least, its unforgiving surface stopped being comfortable on your bare feet a long time ago.

Upgrading to new custom decking can be an affordable and easy way to make your pool exciting again. There are thousands of tile, stone, and brick options that can turn your boring apron into a beautiful and inviting outdoor living space.

Even better, tile, stone, and brick all do a great job at shedding water and resisting the effects of weather. If you’re tired of playing hot-foot to walk to the pool on a sunny day, you can even choose materials designed to stay cooler to save your scorched soles from the summer sun!

Let It Grow With New Landscaping

Enjoying your pool doesn’t all come down to the cool water or comfortable loungers. The look of your backyard has a lot to do with how pleasant your pool hours are, and a lack of appealing landscaping can make even a beautiful pool feel a little underwhelming.

Adding some fresh landscaping can transform your pool area into a private oasis with attractive flowers and shrubbery, and trees to throw a little shade (the good kind). Not only will the new plant life be beautiful and relaxing and provide some cool relief from the sun, but they’re also good for the environment and a home for welcomed pollinators.

When choosing landscaping for your pool, consider not only the appearance of each plant but also the practicality. Select plants that will thrive in your growing region and soil type. Also, if you’re putting in plants near the pool, avoid species that will fill your pool with dead leaves, pollen, seeds, or other debris.

Make It Beautiful on the Inside

A pool party with neon lights illuminating the water Generative

If your pool is vinyl-lined, it may be time for a new liner. With new, attractive patterns becoming available all the time, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Darker patterns can create a calming, relaxing vibe, and brighter patterns can turn your inground pool into a tropical getaway destination.

If the hassle of dealing with wearing, rips and tears, and otherwise maintaining a vinyl pool, it may be possible to convert your pool to a rigid lining that never needs to be replaced, can’t tear or rip, and always looks great. Your pool renovation expert can help you find the right option for you.

Make It Even More Usable

Gone are the days of pools with just a shallow end and a deep end. Today’s inground swimming pools can feature dozens of options to make them more usable and fun for the family. Ask your pool renovation expert about adding features such as:

Tanning Ledge or Shelf

A wide, flat area near the shallow-end entry to your pool, a tanning ledge sits below just a few inches of water, giving you a relaxing place to lay on a lounger and soak up the sun – and then dip your toes to cool off without ever having to move!

If you have the room for it, your tanning ledge can even be large enough to hold a full-sized patio table and chairs, giving you the option of having a relaxing drink or snack while still staying in the cool water.

Underwater Lighting

With the flexibility of new multicolor LED lighting, you can transform your pool with just the touch of a button. LEDs provide brighter light than traditional bulbs, last longer, and use far less energy. They can also include options such as changing color through a smartphone app or syncing to music to create a festive party atmosphere.

Automatic Cover

Automatic pool covers can be a lifesaver – literally. Rather than transporting, unrolling, securing, and maintaining a traditional pool cover, an automatic pool cover retracts and deploys automatically with just the touch of a button. Now, instead of only covering and uncovering the pool once a year, you can easily cover it whenever it’s not in use.

Not only will this save wear and tear on your pool, save money on cleaning chemicals, and all but eliminate debris and trash getting into the water, but it will also prevent any pets, kids, or clumsy visitors from falling in and potentially coming to harm.

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