4 Tips to Ensure Your Pool Adds Value to Your Home

A custom-built pool can transform your backyard into a haven you’ll never want to leave! As you begin your custom pool project, consider these four tips to ensure your pool adds value to your home.

1. Implement Swimming Pool Additions

Swimming pool additions can take your beautiful custom-built pool up a level. If you have young kids, a waterslide or basketball hoop can provide hours of endless fun! Take your additions a step further by implementing features such as:

  • Fountain
  • Lighting
  • Spa
  • Tanning ledge
  • Waterfall
  • & More

2. Keep Your Pool in Top-Notch Shape

The equipment and overall condition of the pool should be maintained to ensure longevity. If you notice any tears in the vinyl or issues with the equipment, address them immediately. Keeping your pool condition in great shape can counteract years of use! If you place your home on the market, potential buyers will appreciate a pool that is well-kept.

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3. View Your Pool as an Extension of Your Home

When you begin your custom-built pool project with Mid State Pools, we prioritize creating focal points from within the home. When guests walk into your home and see your custom pool shimmering from your backyard, it contributes to the overall aesthetics of your home! In addition to a custom-built pool and spa, we can also design and construct:

  • Arbors
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Grilling areas
  • Patio rooms
  • Cabanas
  • Pool houses

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4. Designate Space for Other Outdoor Activities

A custom pool provides hours of family fun! As you design your pool, leave space for other outdoor elements like a patio with outdoor furniture, a dining area, a pergola, landscape, and more. We would love to help you design your pool to reflect your wishes and provide a great source of fun for the whole family… just steps from your back door!

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