Why an Inground Pool Is a Great Idea in Forsyth, Georgia

Summer’s rapidly approaching, and if you live in Forsyth, Georgia (or anywhere else in Middle Georgia), you know what that means: triple-digit temps, humidity that makes the backyard feel like a sauna, and long spells of wondering what you can do to get some relief from the onslaught of Georgia heat.

We’ve got one idea: contact your friends at Mid State Pools and Spas and let us design and install a brand new custom inground pool!

A swimming pool is an excellent addition to any home, and when you partner with Mid State Pools, you’ll be amazed at how your custom-designed inground pool integrates seamlessly with your home and completely transforms your backyard. Want more reasons to give us a call?

An Inground Pool Is a Place to Share With Family

Particularly if you still have kids living at home, the backyard pool is a perfect place to gather on those hot summer days and share a few hours of fun. Are the kids spending a little too much time with their devices and not enough time in the fresh air? One surefire vaccine for screen time is a pool full of clear, cool water.

Even if you don’t have kids or your kids have grown and moved away, your backyard pool is still a great place to reconnect with your significant other. Night swims with soft LED lighting are a perfect romantic interlude at the end of a long week, and relaxing poolside together under the shade of a patio umbrella is an ideal opportunity to unwind together.

A generation family having fun together when jumping into the swimming pool at backyard.

An Inground Pool Is a Place to Share With Friends

There’s one thing about having a backyard pool: your house becomes the destination for friends. You’ll never have to wonder about what your kids and their friends are getting up to. They’ll be in your backyard, splashing and enjoying the cool water. When special occasions come around, you won’t need to rent a venue or spend a lot of time and money decorating the house; the party is ready to go – just add guests.

When you include outdoor living features with your outdoor pool – patios, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, smokeless fire pits, and more – your backyard becomes a year-round oasis, ready to host everything from a quiet gourmet dinner to a boisterous celebration of the latest win by the Mary Persons Bulldogs, or your local, college, or pro team of choice!

An Inground Pool Is a Place to Stay Healthy

Did you know:

  • Swimming for 30 minutes will burn about 223 calories?
  • Adults who swim regularly have a 28% lower risk of death from all medical causes?
  • Adults who swim regularly have a 41% lower risk of death from heart issues?

So, your inground pool can (almost) literally save your life! Thanks to your body’s natural buoyancy, you weigh 90% less when you’re in the water, so any exercise you do is considerably lower impact than if you did it on dry land. Swimming helps ease joint pain, reduces the effects of osteoarthritis, improves lung function, and is less likely to lead to muscle soreness than other exercises – so you’re more likely to stick with it.

And swimming isn’t just good for your body – it’s good for your mind. Humans are drawn to water, and it’s hard to be stressed when you’re floating peacefully, gazing up at the clouds, and listening to the sounds of nature.

An Inground Pool Is a Place to Express Yourself

When you contact Mid State Pools to design and install your custom inground pool, we’ll work with you to understand what you’re looking for in your outdoor recreation and relaxation space. We offer hundreds of options that you can choose from to customize your pool and outdoor living spaces to make them truly your own.

Are you a closet gourmet who lives to light up the grill? Let us help you design the perfect outdoor kitchen. A fitness nut who plans to swim 100 laps daily? We’ll make sure you’ve got plenty of room to work on that cardiac health. Are you opening your home to all the neighborhood kids? Choose from waterslides, poolside basketball hoops, volleyball nets, and countless other features to turn your backyard into a mini water park.

Whatever your lifestyle, we’ll work closely with you to make sure that your outdoor living space is truly a reflection of your interests and fits seamlessly and beautifully into your home’s landscape. We’ll integrate design features from your home to ensure that your outdoor space looks like it’s always been there, waiting for the next sunny day.

An Inground Pool Is a Place That Lasts

At Mid State Pools, we can build almost any pool you want, but one thing we’ll never build is low quality. Our inground pools are built to stand the tests of time and the ravages of Middle Georgia’s weather. We use the finest quality materials and superior workmanship to ensure that your pool remains an attractive, comfortable, and safe space to enjoy for years to come.

Mid State Pools also offers all of the supplies and tools you need to keep your pool in top shape. From vacuums and chemicals to covers and repair parts, you’ll always be able to find what you need to maintain and protect your investment.

What’s more, your inground pool will improve both the curb appeal and resell value of your home. When it comes time to sell, you can expect a faster sale and a premium of up to 8% on the sale price.

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Mid State Pools and Spas builds custom pools for residential and commercial customers in:

  • Warner Robins
  • Macon
  • Forsyth
  • Perry
  • Milledgeville
  • Lake Oconee
  • And all across Middle Georgia!