5 Reasons Why a Big Green Egg is Better Than a Traditional Grill

Barbecue dinners, kids playing in the pool, sunshine warming your skin… spring is here! Welcome this wonderful season with a new staple to your backyard oasis – a Big Green Egg, a ceramic kamado-style cooker. Discover five reasons why you should purchase a Big Green Egg instead of a traditional grill:

1. A Big Green Egg retains heat and moisture.

Unlike a traditional grill, a Big Green Egg’s design and material allows it to retain heat and moisture. Because of this, your dinner is full of flavor and perfectly juicy. A Big Green Egg protects the food’s natural flavor and cooks it evenly.

2. A Big Green Egg requires little start-up time.

Using the recommended fuel source – Big Green Egg 100% Natural Lump Charcoal – allows you to have a start-up time in as little as 15 minutes! Ditch your traditional grill that forces you to sacrifice precious time to get it to the desired temperature.

3. A Big Green Egg provides precise temperature control.

A traditional grill may have uneven temperature spots, unbeknownst to the cook! This poses a health risk, as some food may be cooked throughout while others are not. A Big Green Egg provides accurate temperature control, so all food is cooked evenly.

4. A Big Green Egg boasts safer surface temperatures.

While the inside of a Big Green Egg reaches temperatures worthy of cooking succulent steaks, the outside surface of a Big Green Egg stays cooler. We don’t recommend letting your kids cooking on your Big Green Egg, but its outside surface temperature is a bit safer than a traditional grill.

5. A Big Green Egg cooks a variety of foods.

Sure… your traditional grill can cook a steak, but can it grill a pizza?! A Big Green Egg is capable of cooking a variety of foods such as breakfast casseroles, traditional stuffing, pumpkin pie, beef stew, and smoked guacamole. Are you thinking this is too good to be true? Check out official Big Green Egg recipes here.

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